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Masterchef Australia Season 5

I love cooking! Being a stay-at-home mom who lives far from hometown, I need to cook everyday. I'm loving it. But! Currently I have no mood to cook in my kitchen maybe because of the pregnancy hormones! Kihkihkih. However, its doesn't stop myself from feast my eyes by watching my favorite cooking reality show Masterchef Australia. 

For those who are in the dark all the while, Masterchef Australia is a cooking reality show which inspired from Masterchef UK and only the best passionate amateur cook compete with each other. They come from various type of careers such as student, stay at home mom, teacher, manager, singer and so on. They have been willing to sacrifice their previous career in search of passion and meaning by turning their amateur cooking interest into owning their own cafe, restaurant, or other establishment. It is very inspiring to see the ordinary people with so much talent and spirit to win and be crowned as Masterchef. I wish i could be one of them. (in my dream I'am!)
The 22 contestants. I'm the 23rd, that why there is no 'Kina' . Hihihi. Just kidding!

Even though its already season 5, its never failed to surprise me in each season. Every episode in Masterchef Australia season 5 brings my adrenalin level higher and higher. In this season there are a huge difference, which straight into top 22 best amateur cook and they are having boys vs girls challenge. I'm definitely on the girl's side. Hahaha. Go go girl power! But we cant underestimate the boys, they are simply surprisingly good cook despite of their look.

The judges are Gary Mehigan, George Colambaris and Matt Preston. They are adorable right? Please dont change the judges because I love how they criticize and make the show alive! Sometimes I could not help drooling when they are tasting and judging the dishes. Hihihi. Every week there will be a MasterClass, where the judges and invited chef teach and sharing cooking tips. Guess what? In this seasons outsiders are invited to join it and some of them can taste the dishes as well. How lucky they are! I wish I could be one of them. (Again, in your dream kina!)
From left -~ Gary, George and Matt. My fav is George! He is the funniest among all.

My favourite episode in Masterchef Australia season 5 is identical twin. It is one of the challenge for the contestant who had been eliminated to come back to the competition, while for those who not been eliminated yet have the chance to win immunity pin. In this challenge, they were paired up and need to create the same look and taste dishes without see and taste the others. Its tough but can be done amazingly with good communication and good cooking skills. I felt sorry for Pip who paired up with Daniel made stuffed squid with corn puree and chorizo. I do blame on Daniel who do not communicate as Pip really need him to cooperate  thus made her eliminated right away even though her dish is one of the best dish that day. I become emotional after seeing that. Haiya.. That is the power of MasterChef! You can be so emotional, passionate and excited in the same time. Hihi.
Daniel & Pip. 

I'm enjoying all the challenges in the Masterchef Australia. Full of surprises and new things that can be learnt. Battle of the sexes, mystery boxes, boot camp, immunity, pressure test and elimination challenge. Named it all! What I enjoy the most while watching Masterchef Australia Season 5, not only about the dishes and the contestants but I also can open my eyes to beautiful places such as Perth when the contestant travel to Perth in episode 20. The sceneries? Wow! Amazing! Spectacular! (Dear husband, lets go to Australia pleaseeeeee...maybe in 5 years perhaps? hihihi..I hope so)

You can join me and catch Masterchef Australia Season 5 on Lifetime, the details as follow:
  •  MasterChef Australia Season 5 ,Astro Channel 709, weekdays at 7.00pm and 11.00pm

I would like to share my cooking tips. (Feeling2 masterchef
1) to prevent chocolate from seizing, make sure there is no contact between chocolates and water or moisture. so make sure the bowls and utensils are dry. 
2) to identify the freshness of the egg, put it in a bowl of water. If it lies in the bottom of the bowl it is fresh. If it is floating, you can throw them away.
3) put a few drops of oil and 1 spoon of salt when boiling pasta to avoid them clumping and the salt make them taste better.
4) to avoid tearing during chopping an onion, chopping as fast as you can so the tears have no time to burst out. This is hard man. Hahaha.

Last but not least, when making chocolate lava, make sure to grease the cup/ramekin with butter before bake it. Dont over bake the cake and make sure it is not too raw by shake it a little bit. If it is too shaken it is not ready yet, put in the oven for 2 minutes. If it shake just a little , it is ready to be served. Make it yourself, it is super easy and a lot cheaper! Click here for my chocolate lava ala secret recipe. #MCATipOff
Grease with butter to have 'good looking' chocolate lava. Make sure shake if after bake.

Submit your cooking tips like I am on Lifetime Malaysia Facebook with  #MCATipOff tag now.  The most creative/original cooking tip will also be aired on Lifetime! Fantastic right? 

Now, let me go back to my humble kitchen. Hehehe.


Mira on November 29, 2013 at 1:52 AM said...

shahadah dah nak jadi kak long dah. tahniah kak kina.

Liyana on November 29, 2013 at 9:14 AM said...

fuh berpeluh baca sampai abis entri kina.. hehe

kita layan masterchef malaysia je.. muahaha

Nawal Aizad on November 29, 2013 at 10:49 AM said...

Kina SAHM? Im soooo jealouss!!!! But it must be so tiring, looking after shadah and cleaning and cooking etc. Hats off to you !!

and congratulations on ur little bump :)

anis on November 29, 2013 at 1:39 PM said...

Salam kina.sori nk tbya.awk de jual madela harmony sealed lg ke? Klu ade pruce bp ye?

Shakina Farhan on November 29, 2013 at 4:38 PM said...

Tq mira..:)

Liyana: hahaha..da lama xtulis english..

Kak nawal: tq! u can be one too!

Anis: Next pre-order kina kena confirmkan dulu dgn supplier..harga RM135 belum masuk postage..


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